Plans & Pricing

1How can I choose the best plan for my business?
Your plan will be evaluated during your free trial to ensure the plan meets all your business needs.
2Am I able to cancel at any time?
Yes, you always have easy access to your financial details and take them with you, should you decide to leave.
3Can I change my plan?
Your subscription plan is reviewed yearly. After this review, if your monthly expenses have increased or decreased, your plan will be adjusted to meet your business needs. You will receive notice of this change one month in advance. If you would like a mid-year pricing review, you can simply request this by contacting us.
4Are add-ons and accounts more expensive?
You do not need to pay extra for accounts and add-ons as all plans include bookkeeping for up to 15 financial accounts. Examples of financial accounts you can add include, credit cards, merchant processor, bank accounts and loans. If your business requires more than 15 accounts, you can request a custom quote from our specialists.

Free Trial

1What is included with my free trial?
Your free trial includes a complete tour and demonstration of our services. In addition, you will also receive bookkeeping for one month, provided to you in the form of a balance sheet and an income statement and
2How can I expect during my free trial?
Yes, you always have easy access to your financial details and take them with you, should you decide to leave. Here is what you can expect when you initiate your free trial: Step 1: Sign up for your free trial Step 2: Our specialists will place an onboarding call with you to learn more about your bookkeeping needs and business. During this call, we will also connect your accounts to our system and gather the necessary documents to get you started. Step 3: Within 1-2 business days after everything is set up, we will provide you with a month’s worth of bookkeeping, providing you with an accurate financial statement in the form of a balance sheet and income statement. Step 4: We will set up a call with you to review the details of your financial statement, providing you with an opportunity to ask any further questions before you commit to a plan.
3Do I need to deposit funds or provide payment during my free trial?
Nope! Your free trial is just that, free! No deposits or payment information will be required.

Integration & Add-ons

1How do you compare to other bookkeeping software such as QuickBooks?
The largest and most important difference is that other software still requires you to complete your bookkeeping on your own. We provide real-life experts who always keep an eye out for your business and complete your bookkeeping for you.
2Do you sync with other accounting software or Quickbooks?
CPAOnline does not sync your data with any other bookkeeping software. We do all the work for you, so there is no need to use or combine any other bookkeeping software.
3How can I transition from information from Quickbooks to you?
We use your closing balance from Quickbooks to complete your bookkeeping, going forward. You can also request our specialists to ensure that your closing balances are correct before we start using the information.
4Which payment processors are you connected with?
Once you connect your payment processors, all your transactions will automatically be synced. Examples of payment processors we connect with include Shopify, Amazon, Stripe, Square and more.
5Am I able to connect my bank account?
Yes, we can connect accounts from most major banks in North America. Connecting your bank account allows your bookkeeping team to utilize important information from your history and statements.

Accounting Services

1Do you support accrual and cash accounting?
We use a modified form of a cash basis. With our system, we record transactions the moment money has been deposited into your account or has been charged to your bank account or credit card. We can support our clients with accrual basis bookkeeping or adjustments. You can speak with our onboarding clients to ensure you have the right system working for you.
2Are bill payments, invoicing and inventory management part of your services?
We do not offer any of those services; however, we can recommend our partners to help you.
3Are you able to file my taxes?
Our services do not include filing taxes on your behalf, but our partners can take care of that for.
4Do you offer financial or tax advice?
A CPA or tax attorney would be the best choice for tax, legal or financial advice. We can, however, make suggestions to keep your bookkeeping up to date and stress-free.


1What software is used to complete my bookkeeping?
The software used to complete your books is owned by use. There is no other software needed to complete your bookkeeping.
2How can I provide receipts and documents?
We use your bank account and merchant processor for the needed data transfer. "In most cases, we will be able to collect the information we need, without requiring further documents. If documents are needed, we will send you a request.
3How do you ensure my financial data is protected?
Our system uses 256-bit SSL/TLS encryption to ensure your data is well protected. You can find the same level of security and encryption with online banks and online shopping.

Our Bookkeeping Services

1How can bookkeeping help my business?
Bookkeeping provides you with an accurate snapshot of the cash flow for your business. When your bookkeeping is up to date, you can measure how healthy your business is. Up to date books are also important when filing taxes.
2What does a bookkeeper do?
Your bookkeeping team reconciles your accounts, produce financial statements and categorize your transactions. If adjustment is needed, they will take action to ensure your books are tax-compliant.
3How long does it take to complete my bookkeeping?
Once all the information needed is received, we will complete your month’s bookkeeping within 15 business days.
4Do I have a designated team for my bookkeeping?
Your team will consist of 3 bookkeeping professionals, along with a senior bookkeeper who will review your monthly statements. If there is any change to your team, we will let you know.
5I am not up to date on my bookkeeping, can I still get help?
Yes! You are able to add-on any amount of catch up bookkeeping to your standard plan, no matter how far behind your bookkeeping may be.
6How long will it take to get my bookkeeping caught up if I am behind?
It can take between 2-4 weeks to complete one year’s worth of overdue bookkeeping. However, the answer to this would depend on how many months you are behind.
7Is there a difference between bookkeeping and accounting?
Bookkeeping records your businesses daily transactions, including your debits and credits, and is vital for your business's success. Accounting mainly focuses on high-level processes and rely on information from the bookkeeper to produce information and financial models.
8Where are you located?
Our office and team are all located in Edmonton, Alberta.

Tax Resources

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