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How Our Online Bookkeeping Works

Better Solutions, Easier Access

It’s never been easier to stay up to date with our bookkeeping software. Your dedicated team of professionals works on your bookkeeping to keep your books up to date while providing access with our software to monitor your finances, helping you save time and keep your peace of mind.

Introducing The Simplicity Of Our Bookkeeping Software: A Walk-through

Start of Each Month

At the beginning of each month, our team with father the necessary financial documents to complete your bookkeeping and provide you with a precise financial snapshot.

Providing Financial Documents

You can eliminate the deadlines, and the time it would take to individually send our your statement because that’s already taken care of our software. Once the software is synced with your significant banks, we can gather the necessary financial documents, automatically.

Mid-way of Each Month

Once the information is gathered, our experts will have your books up to date and finalized within 15 business days.

Bookkeeping Completion

Our team provides an accurate financial statement, completing your bookkeeping every month and adjusting your book to remain tax-compliant.

Stay In Touch

Our team is always available to you if you have any questions or need clarifications about your books. You can book a call with us or send us a message through the software, and we will be in touch within one business day.

Clarification On Transactions

If our team needs any clarification to better help categorizes your transaction, we will just send a message through the software, allowing you to choose the correct category.

End of Each Month

You will receive a notification once your books are complete, allowing you to review the details.

Reviewing together is always a great idea.

It’s a best practice to review the details, together, for the first two months during a phone meeting. These meetings serve as an excellent opportunity to help our team understand your business better and find ways we can better utilize our services while providing you with the opportunity to ask questions.

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Ready For Peace Of Mind?

After the initial calls, you can choose to continue monthly calls or reach out to us any time you have a question.